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Olive Picking Holidays in Italy

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Italy is the land of wine, food and culture (as well as being home to millions of olives). Olives are grown throughout much of the country but particularly in Umbria, sometimes known as the 'silver sea' due to the effect of all those olive trees moving in the breeze! These holidays allow you to enjoy a variety of all that is best about this wonderful country. Notsurprisingly olive picking holidays can only be available during the olive harvesting season which in Italy is from the end of October for around six weeks (depending both on the weather and also where in Italy you are based). As a general rule the further north you are the later the olive harvest will be. Harvesting is carried out by hand in the traditional way. To see more about this visit our olive harvest page.

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Italian Olive Oil CanIf you like Italian food (and can there be anyone who doesn't) this makes a great choice. Combining olive picking with cooking is a popular option, but you can just as easily add walking or art history to your break.

Choosing an olive picking holiday in Italy also lets you add on a few days in a city like Rome, Pisa, Sienna or Florence so you can explore the art treasures and antiquities. An advantage of the fact that you harvest olives in the winter months is that tourist attractions are much quieter and for hotel stays prices are generally cheaper. Italy is blessed with a wide range of less known cities like Assisi, Spoleto and Perugia which also repay exploration.

If you are interested in a holiday where you work as a volunteer there is an opportunity to pick olives near Spoleto and Assisi.

Italy is well served by low cost flights and travelling within the country is easy and cheap using the train. Driving can also be a good option and away from the major cities its a surprisingly enjoyable choice. Remember you will get cheaper rates for both flights and car rental by booking early.

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As there are many choices for an Italian Olive Picking holiday the information below is designed to give you a brief guide to the options available. Each then opens in a separate page with more information to help you decide.


Villa La Rogaia come here to learn about olive cultivation using age old methods. You participate in the harvest as much or as little as you want - half the olives you pick are yours to take home as extra virgin organic oil ..... read more

Casa Fontana provides the chance to pick olives, find out about the production of olive oil, see the olives pressed and enjoy beautiful countryside whilst discovering the 'cultural and culinary landscape of the region'. This includes trips to Panicole - a beautiful hilltop town, Lake Trasimeno and Orvieto with fantastic renaissance art ..... read more

La Volpe e L'uva as well as hand picking olives you will get to visit Trevi 'the capital of olive oil'. There are a choice of packages and the chance to enjoy cooking lessons .... read more

Le Marche

Casal Dei Fichi holds gourmet olive breaks in Le Marche. There is a trip to an award winning vineyard, the chance to cook - and all the while you will be between the breathtaking Sibillini Mountains and the Adriatic sea ..... read more


Casa Marrucina in Abruzzo hosts olive picking holidays in a beautifully restored guest house - so stylish it has featured in 'Italia!' magazine. Here it is up to you, do as much or as little olive picking as you fancy. Olives are harvested traditionally using rakes and nets. You get to go to the mill and see the cold pressing of the oil ..... read more


Throughout November you can spend weekends at the OZU cultural centre north of Rome joining in the olive harvest. There is a barbecue in the olive grove, sightseeing in the local area, a chance to explore the shops, a lesson in pasta making... it's hard to believe you can pack so much into your time there ..... read more


This world famous region of Italy needs little introduction, think: handsome stone farmhouses, fields of sunflowers and lines of cypress trees.


The 'heel' of Italy remains a less discovered area of the country, but it enjoys plenty of sunshine, a beautiful coastline, unique 'trulli' houses and a landscape full of ancient olive trees.

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The mist is rising from the valley as we walk down to the olive grove.  In the distance the sound of the church bells rings out.  We spread the nets around the tree - keeping them close to the trunk to make sure the olives don't fall through and get lost onto the ground below!


 Ripe Olives

Ripe olives just waiting to be picked ... 


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